Since e-commerce gained its momentum, content marketing has begun to play an important role as a part of online promotional campaigns. Companies regardless of their size and business model have started developing relevant content that directly (and indirectly) promotes their businesses. Contents are being distributed among different article directory sites, press release publishers, blogs and so on.

Now, when it comes to content writing we often make a very common mistake. We put less emphasize on the title of the article. Here I am going to discuss three reasons why your article title is so much important.

importance of title for content marketing

Reason 1: Catchy Title Attracts More Readers

People these days have very little time at hand to cover a lot of things. So yes, if your title is not that catchy, your readers may not feel the urge to go through the content. They may move to the next article which may even have less information than yours but will secure a reader simply through a catchy title.

Reason 2: Title Gives Identity to your Article

Like I have mentioned earlier, people have little time at hand these days to process so much information. Therefore, it is important for you to keep in mind that a reader would like to have very clear and precise idea about your content to make sure that it offers exactly what they are looking for. For instance, if you are writing an article on how to choose the right budget car, your article should clearly mention it so that those who are actually searching for useful information to buy a budget car will know that this article has the information they are looking for.

Reason 3: A Good Title Also Attracts Search Engines

When it comes to content writing, you need to give priority to human readers first. But at the same time, make sure that you are not forgetting the search engines either. After all, search engines will pull your article from thousands of online posts and display it in the first few pages of search results when your target audience uses some relevant keywords (words that are widely used by internet users in the search engines to gather information on certain topics) in the search bar.

So make sure to design your article title in a way that will attract both real readers and search engines. This will definitely help you to make the best use of content marketing as a promotion tool to advertise your business.