Ask any WordPress expert about content sliders and you will end up having a list of endless benefits that comes with this relatively new feature as far as responsive web design is concerned. Sliders were there for some time now but their use have reached a whole new dimension over the last couple of years and are widely appreciated by the virtual shoppers all over the world. Now, if you are planning to design your own website or about to hire a web designer, make sure that you are keeping the “content sliders” in the list of things you will need for the website. In this article, we will see why the sliders are making so much buzz in the recent times.


Avoiding information overload:

Have you ever been to one of those e-commerce websites that is filled with small boxes with images of different products and their description? Sometimes they look way too crowded and confusing. There is so much information in one page that often distracts the buyers and if someone was browsing the page for information about a particular product or service, websites with this kind of product categorizations does not help much because of the information overload. That is when the content slider is more effective. You can use as many slides as you want and each slide will display a limited amount of information, giving the user full control over when to switch to another slide. Presenting less information reduces distraction and helps the visitors to process the message more easily which is highly appreciated by internet users these days (particularly online shoppers).

Highlighting the new content:

Sliders are quite useful for websites that regularly updates information. Sliders are usually placed on top of the home page and therefore easily attract more attention. So if you have something new to tell your visitors, the slider will work as the news board where people can get all the latest information, offerings and features. Also, renewing your slider contents will always keep your visitors more engaged and will let them know that your site is highly active and resourceful.

Story Board:

If you want to tell a story to your visitors, a slider can be the best option to make that happen. Presentations slides are popularly known as an effective mode of communication for decades. In the past we had overhead projectors and now there is multimedia. The means are evolving and becoming more advanced to serve a single purpose- presenting slides in a more interactive way where the audience will get the message without being overloaded by the information. So if you are selling a certain product and willing to help a visitor to understand how it is useful for him and her, all your need to do is, ask your web designer to add a few slides on top of the homepage where the information will be shared in sequence with the use of relevant images to keep the story telling interesting.

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