2016 is almost at its end and we have seen some notable trends making their way up as far as web design is concerned. When it comes to web development, one of the major issues that a WordPress expert needs to keep in mind is- the site has to be user friendly and stylish enough so that the visitors spend more time on the website browsing around. And the more they spend time in your website, the more there is a possibility that you will end up securing a sale.

However, in order to make the best use of responsive web design, you need to be sure that you are well aware of the latest web designing trends that are creating a whole lot of buzz in the virtual world. Remaining updated about the latest trends is vital to show that you are up for the challenge. In this article, we shall talk about three web development trends that were very much noticeable in 2016.

Designs are getting flatter

Responsive Web Design has recognized the fact that the flatter designs have become the key this year. Web designers are now coming out of the conventional designs, making sites considerably flatter which is receiving a lot of response from the target audience. Take Google’s own logo for example. They have made it flat, reducing the sharp edges completely. It is found that the flatter designs are more soothing for the visitors and they can make a website more user-oriented.

Full screen inputs

Since the concept of mobile friendly websites and apps became popular worldwide, it was predicted that the concept will change the look of web design completely. That has been proven to be true in 2016. Now web designers are not making full screen forms for the mobile versions only but for the website as a whole regardless of which device you are using. As a result, now you will find many websites re-directing you to a full page log in, contact us or sign up option instead of opening a small form within a web page. This has been the outcome of Responsive Web Design.

Functions have become more important than design

Let’s face it, everyone loves to roam around in a website that is well designed. But the users have become way too sensitive about functionality as well in 2016. Though the urge of a well designed website is not gone, it is simply not enough to hold onto the visitors. You need a website that is well designed and at the same time highly functional so that the users get an outstanding experience while roaming around.